We Live in a Great time of Victories

Concerning our days we live; Heaven is inviting us to make our own decision of walking with him. Also, there’s lots of people today needing to read what Heaven says concerning walking through life and afterward. Also, we all live in a time of History that is also in Matthew 12;25-50.
V25: Jesus and said to them, every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation: every city or house divided against itself shall not stand. V28 if I cast out evil by Heaven, then Kingdom of God is come. V30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathers not with me scatters abroad. V31: Blasphemy against Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven. V32: whoever speaks against Heaven shall not be forgiven in this world or come. V34: generation, out of abundance of heart mouth speaks. V35: out of treasure of heart brings good things. V36: I say, every idle word mankind speaks, shall give account in Day of Judgment. V43: When unclean spirit is gone, mankind walks through dry places, seeking rest, finding none. V50: Who shall do will of God, brother, sisters, mothers, friends, all that is possible to get on track.
True: Heaven made one human race with two choices, saved or unsaved. Genesis 1:1-2, “In beginning God created heaven and earth. V 26: God said, “let us make mankind in our image with dominion. V27: God created us in heavens image. V28: blessed them, and said, “Be fruitful, multiply, and replenish earth and subdue it.” Without any doubt, GOD loves His family, so why do some many people today fight a good life for all, instead of just self. Seems mankind’s calling in life is also to help others, not just our selves.
Today, we seem to have the greatest time in history even though it looks like it’s going through rough times, while our best choice is saved, and worst choice in history, is not saved. It’s really easy to win, make the right choice, saved or unsaved, how easy can it be?
Robert D. Shipman

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Lord instructed me: “I will love My people. I will fight for them. I am the God of salvation. I am the Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I will do a might work in the midst of My people, I am with always. You will walk before Me in all My statures. I am your God and you are My servant. Believe in Me and My way and I will work through you many great works. I will reach My people and they shall know My ways and not error. For My people walk stiff and in their own way and will not listen to Me or My counsel. I am a great God. I can do many great things for them, yet, they will not let me. I am their God and they know not My way. I am a loving God and they know not My love. They profess Me with their mouth and their heart is not with them. Yet I love them, I long to hold them. My love is much love. Yet, I have much anger. My wrath is great and fearful. Why won’t they turn and listen to My voice? I would lead them into perfection. They would love the way I would have them to walk. My ways are right and are not hard. When I lead nothing can harm. The time is short, they have not much time. The enemy fights hard for his last day. He will win who he can, his ways are awful. He is to be shunned. His ways are to be despised. I will save, and he will destroy. I will left and he will tear down. My ways are right and his ways wrong. Tell them to turn to me, they will not be sorry. I will send you forth. I will control your move. I will be your God and you will be My son. You will obey My voice as a son his father. Listen for My voice, My ways are ways of eternity. My plan is from the beginning. I will use you in My plan, you will not be sorry. Your family will be My delight. I will love them as My own. Their ways are as My ways for I will lead them. Be My servant as servants’ and I will reward as servants are rewarded. Be not afraid of the walk I lead, but lead others the same walk. My ways are the ways of Holy God and I hurt no man, I only want their good. I have work for you and My work is earnest. I have a song for you to sing and the redeemed will glory with you. You shall lead many and the multitude shall be great and the voices shall be loud and My ears shall rejoice at the sound. Fear not the giants, I have proved you, nothing can destroy you. I have tested you above all and you have stood all. I am pleased with your results. I will build a headgear around you. My ways may seem strange but My love is exceedingly great. Worship Me in spirit and truth and lead others to My praise. Be not dismayed at the works I work through you for I will do many great things. Let Me lead and you follow, and your following will be great, multitudes will hear My Word. I am a God of salvation. I seek to save all.” Pastor Robert D. Shipman

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