Look past no end road

July 27, 2003 Prophetic Word. If you cannot run with man how will you run with the horses (all seen in Jeremiah 12:5). The time is coming shortly you shall see the glory of God upon your life and the people around you.

My Word has gone forth. I am the way, the truth, I am life. My word shall not pass away, but those things you have been praying for, the desires of your heart I placed with you are real. The things you look at that discourage you, they have a tendency to bring you down. They make you stand upon the side of the road with your shoulders slumped forward and eyes closed wondering where the road leads to. Look past that road with no end. That road that comes from one place to another. Instead, step out in faith for all things are possible and nothing will be withheld from those that believe. Four your faith is strong, your faith is full, your spirit is faithful.

Look at what I have given you, what you can see, look past the natural for the spiritual is real. Was not the natural made after the spiritual? Did I not make you and image of me. Yes, the spirit realm was first and then came the natural. All things will become vivid in your sight and you will not pay attention to that road that discourages you. Look past your road of discouragement, for all things are possible. Step into what is available to you now and see if what I say in My Word is not true. Test Me and see the glory in your life that is more real than you can imagined.

About Robert Shipman

Robert Shipman has been a church builder over fifty years of ministering. His passion is that the church fulfill her high calling. The seminars and workshops he leads are designed to strengthen individuals faith and prepare people for deeper ministry. He also has a successful background in business, training, marketing and growing church attendance. His books cover prophecies, Words from the LORD, as well as his spiritually gifted wisdom has help the local body by connecting purpose, vision and spiritual manifestations. Robert and wife Ann were called to the prophetic field in 1974 building a unique level of revelation.
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