Strongest is Sitting on Pews

Today, around the world the greatest challenge in history taking place. Today’s Believers has an opportunity to make King David’s starting out army actually look good. Like David’s army, Christian’s army is greatest fighting force ever. Their great opportunity is facing greatest challenge for greatest victory man has ever witnessed. The question is do they know it? David’s army had to learn to unite, body of Christ worldwide needs to also learn to unite as many groups working together with one purpose, heaven’s strategy. Without doubt the challenge is the division today of the church worldwide. Jesus even said it this way: “every kingdom divided against its self is brought to desolation, (Matt 12:25-26).

Actually, Jesus’ plan for his end time army was really created before heaven and earth and New Testament Jesus completing Church by unity, prayer, authority and power, not lone rangers, but unified.
No, Jesus didn’t create army to fight Satan because he already beat him. Church’s job is to increase his body by winning multitudes to his Christian army. In fact, He is right now in process of raising his army of believers to unite as his end time army covering earth, (1 John 2:14). So we have already won before we started. So never let anyone talk you out of your position in Christ.

I also remember a time in my life while in army. I was assigned to a position where I could not leave even if enemy attacked. I would stay to give the rest enough time to get out of danger. I admit I volunteered. In other words we could not give up one step of ground to enemy as long as possible. The same is with Jesus, he allows us to be in positions we feel we cannot handle. If we trust him we will always come out ahead. It’s even possible we may come through better than before we entered. In my case I made Sergeant in first two years, normally never happens, (Judges 6:16).

Yes, it is now time to take the shackles off our churches declaring we are moving into total victory. No, it is not time to give up and hide like the world is trying to do. Just take a good look at our governments today. We must remember that God gives his army the plan He created that always wins, John 16:7:11). Sure, we will face challenges, spiritually, psychological and naturally. Nevertheless we can conquer all challenges in faith with same message, spirit and power. Mark may have said it best: Mark 16:15-18.
Yes, the full ministry of power and authority is in every spirit filled born again believer

On November 20, 2002 I received a Word from Lord. It’s too large for this blog, but I’ll give these few Words: For a great and mighty movement is coming and My people will hear My voice and to those who listen will rise and be strong. My Church shall prevail with such glory that world will say, there is a God amongst His people.
On November 9, 2003 Lord gave me a vision also too large for this blog, but I’ll give these few words vision: “If My Church will step into My presence they will be healed, see miracles and many wonders. Tell them to come in and experience My glory”.

This blog was part of Chapter seven, page 47 titled “Strongest Ministry on Earth is Sitting in Pews” from my book:”Fifty Years of Spiritual Knowledge” a life Journey with Jesus. The chapters are not lined up in order nor do they continue from chapter to chapter. The Words of the Lord are for all of the Lord’s people picked out of over 50 years of prophetic words given me.

About Robert Shipman

Robert Shipman has been a church builder over fifty years of ministering. His passion is that the church fulfill her high calling. The seminars and workshops he leads are designed to strengthen individuals faith and prepare people for deeper ministry. He also has a successful background in business, training, marketing and growing church attendance. His books cover prophecies, Words from the LORD, as well as his spiritually gifted wisdom has help the local body by connecting purpose, vision and spiritual manifestations. Robert and wife Ann were called to the prophetic field in 1974 building a unique level of revelation.
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