Here’s Our Starting Point

We might ask the question about salvations simplest explanation of being saved and what we are being saved of. The answer involves long a discussion; so in short, we are saved from all things which steal fife from us caused by Adam and Eve. We are saved from the loneliness we experience by living life apart from winning with God’s team. As you read this blog, understand that you and I were each in need of being saved, (Ephesians 17-19).

Let’s look at the starting point first. “I was wrong” are the three difficult words to say, although our salvation does deliver us from danger. Were we have Jesus’ name to back us up. Actually, “I was wrong” are also wonderful words too many modern Christians with lack of knowledge concerning reason for our lives. Actually, salvation is not just a religious word. It is the chief step that humans who want to get back in position with God. This is an essential step that should be taught repeatedly. Every person calling themselves a child of God should be proclaiming a message of salvation to all possible, family, friends, neighbors, at work, play or shopping when possible.

To correctly explain the purpose for salvation, all true believers need to first understand the true purpose of Jesus’ Church Body. So, the following is the answer the Lord gave me when I asked Him: “You are asking Me what the purposes of the Church is” To understand the answer you must firth know the purpose of Me (Jesus) that is clearly spelled out in Holy Scripture”. I (Robert) immediately responded by asking, “What is the purpose”? Lord answered me< “The purpose was to correct the situation Adam and Eve created which separated the relationship between mankind and their Creator”.

Okay, about now you may be asking how we might gain entrance into the kingdom of God now. That’s easy, God’s plan was designed before creation based on His will. Also God created all things based on an established harmony that would function according to His determination. This is where repentance comes in with God’s lifestyle for us. Matthew 3:1-3 and Matthew 4:17. Yes, the tendency of modern church has been to reduce importance of repentance by proclaiming that salvation only requires accepting Jesus. Sadly, this mostly becomes a mindless repeating of words soon forgotten. Yes, salvation means we are saved from what Satan caused and Adam and Eve started. Jesus came to free us from that curse, so yes, salvation requires a decision by us, meaning everyone must make their own choice. Acts 3:19 and Hebrews 6:1-2 are good ones to check this out. So salvation is much more than a religious word (Roman 8:8-14 and John 3:3). So entering the God’s kingdom is a walking lifestyle powered by Jesus, available to everyone who will receive Jesus, (2 Timothy 1:9-10).

Now, let’s put this all together: First, God created everything including humans. First 2 humans disobeyed instruction and lost their position; bring a curse for all humans mankind cannot change without a sacrifice. Thus, Jesus came to earth as the sacrificial payment to free us from the curse.
Since we now know Church is not a building but true people of God known as Saints of God. This means that Jesus is not returning for a building, organization or a handpicked group. There will only be people who walked through the steps of salvation an lived their life in-Christ. The Church’s purpose is much more than gathering people on pews. They are also ministers of reconciliation that help Jesus complete His purpose. So how does this work?

If Jesus’ purpose for Church body around the world were in unity, the Christian world would be experiencing greater and more powerful results throughout their communities. Someone once said: “If we only do what benefits the church, we are on the wrong track”. Since Jesus is head and church is body, it should be doing what the Head wants done. Leadership might want to think on this one. Jesus’ crucifixion became Satan’s most tragic mistake and mans’ greatest gift. Jesus’ death and resurrection gave us all an opportunity to get back into presence of God; Jesus is our salvation and empowerment.
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About Robert Shipman

Robert Shipman has been a church builder over fifty years of ministering. His passion is that the church fulfill her high calling. The seminars and workshops he leads are designed to strengthen individuals faith and prepare people for deeper ministry. He also has a successful background in business, training, marketing and growing church attendance. His books cover prophecies, Words from the LORD, as well as his spiritually gifted wisdom has help the local body by connecting purpose, vision and spiritual manifestations. Robert and wife Ann were called to the prophetic field in 1974 building a unique level of revelation.
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