Unpacking Our Christian Ministries

Wow, a Blog taken from my book titled “The Call to Revival” 340 pages, 28 chapters that will give the reader seven vital steps that show you how to make sure you are prepared for Jesus’ return. Notice today it also true it is referring to all who go to Church services, Saints and leaderships because ministry refers to all Believers. Time we see importance of true spiritual power, that’s flowing right now. It is also true that all ministries, Saints and Leaders, ties to Jesus’ ministry and reason He came to show us all how to minister. (Galatians 3:14).

Actually, it was Paul who helped unveiled the mystery of New Spiritual Doors essential to our age in history too. Also gives clear picture of what’s called, Five-fold ministry, (1 Corinthians 12). Yes, we are these believers if qualified, trained and spiritually empowered. Jesus’ team, that’s all Believers, will crush Satan’s plan of lies as His army is now raising up to grow again. Also true, today heaven is calling believers to stand and be counted, not letting evil over take them. Also, we have entered the greatest time in history for believers. Yes, it’s our time for to wake up.

Why? Because we live in a time of adversity and can’t afford to be weak or faint hearted spiritually (1 John 5:4), Yes, like any army, we need to spend time preparing and training for taking our rightful positions as the winners. This is not the time to be a scared just hoping. Why, because it’s His army (Believers) that are the answer world is looking for today. Means it’s important we’re equipped, ready, and strong in faith. (2 Timothy 2:2).

VISION LORD gave me AUGUST 8, 2008 of what was happening. I share this with lots of people over the years, but read it again please. “A large evil enemy was facing a Church with chariots, horses, bows, and swords. The church people were praying against this attack and suddenly the wheels fell off chariots, horses fell dead, bowmen’s string broke and arrows fell to ground and enemy fled. Lord said to the people inside church to go out and pick up the weapons, but only a few went out and the rest stayed on pews. Those who went out picked up weapons that then turned to Spiritual weapons. There were only a few that responded to God’s instructions to go out”. I asked Lord what will happen to those who stayed on the pews. His answer was, “If they will not go out and pick up their weapons and claim their victory by defeating their enemy, then same enemy will return fully armed”.

Where would we be if we had no beliefs? Or, what kind of church body could look at the needs world is going through not and try to help them. Any Believer can figure this out. My 8 books also concern OPEN VISION, the WORD and the PROPHETIC He gave me between years 1973 and 2015 concerning the days we’re in also. Again, it’s time to get off pews into service working with Jesus in very town and country, being sure we’re working together with Christian Spiritual Authority and Growth, not as the lone ranger.

About Robert Shipman

Robert Shipman has been a church builder over fifty years of ministering. His passion is that the church fulfill her high calling. The seminars and workshops he leads are designed to strengthen individuals faith and prepare people for deeper ministry. He also has a successful background in business, training, marketing and growing church attendance. His books cover prophecies, Words from the LORD, as well as his spiritually gifted wisdom has help the local body by connecting purpose, vision and spiritual manifestations. Robert and wife Ann were called to the prophetic field in 1974 building a unique level of revelation.
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