#9 Group Prophesy’s between1773-2015

FEBRUARY 2, 2003 – “I am great and mighty and My love fills the earth. My glory fills the universe and my full glory has never been seen. I live in the praises of My people I love that fill earth. My love and compassion spreads across earth, no love, compassion, greatness, or mightiness like My love that spreads amongst you filling and strengthening you. My love never sleeps it touches you totally for I am in your presence. Arise, strengthen yourself and go forth as My children spreading across the earth. From heaven to earth, east to west, north to south, and high to deep, not walking out of My love. Enjoy and live it for I am God who walks amongst you. Yes, as an army they will come off their knees, out of their chairs and walk as a mighty army. Every kingdom of world shall be My kingdom for this army’s light shall be blinding. The universe is watching My army moving forward as I accelerate. Don’t look behind but forward keeping your eyes on Me as your strength will renew. Your eyes will see wonders and nothing you seek will fill your spirit and heart as I can. Keep your eyes on me and I will guide you like a car racing passes others. Know I am bringing you forward, do not look around you, keep your eyes on me and experience My purpose for you. Look for me seeing your purpose fulfilled by My Glory from you.

MARCH 2, 2003 Prophetic Word started with: “My people, My people, My people, My people, I call and call. Heaven is holding for those that answer. I call for there is a time which is now the season, but will not go on forever. I call you My people. Look at the fear that is being shed abroad, people that are screaming, running rampant. Oh, My people, heaven is holding still in this world that cannot free themselves with pleading eyes. See this people burning, not physically but being consumed. This world is a place that darkness is trying to cover. Yet, My people are the light of this world. You are the brilliance of this world and My Glory can shine, but My glory will shine through My people who will walk with Me. My people will raise bringing such brilliance to this earth that many will bow and serve a great Lord. For I the God of the universe I created. My people will hear My voice and respond seeing things they’ve never seen before. Look at the hurting, lame, weak, poor and poor in spirit, there are so many. Let your light shine, speak faith, and reach out with your arms of love. Watch their eyes, see that when you touch them, when you speak of Me to them, watch them because the Glory of God is going through you. My people that do not respond have no light. Darkness may surround you, but hold it back you can do it. Hold back the darkness for light is coming to this world. Know you are full of strength and My Glory, use it, hear Me my people.

MARCH 9, 2003,- Started with: “I am Christ that was in the desert. When I am lifted up all men shall look upon Me making no difference what their desert looks like. There’s no difference how dry the plains, no difference if there’s rain, just call on your Lord and Savior. When I am lifted up all shall be drawn to Me. When I am lifted up my glory shall radiate through you into this dark world. There is a darkness coming on earth, but MY light will shine holding it back. Choose My light for in it you will find strength, victory, and prosperity. You will find love, family and all things you are seeking. Lift Me up and all shall come to Me like those in wilderness. What did they see beside sand and hot sun, colder nights; they saw nothing to secure them or encourage them. Did I not bring them out of Egypt? Did I not work miracles in their lives? Did I not shine as a bright star? Did not those who went in to conquer talk about Me and the miracles of God? No, don’t rely on what you see, for I send you forth into desert places, into the night, but with light that shines from you. Be not despaired or afraid for I walk with you. I was with them by day; did I not take care of everything needed? Did I not feed them? Did I not warm them and part the waters when needed to cross rivers? Yes, I am your God, and I will do for you what I always have done for My people? Don’t fear, I am with you, I send you forth as a might army with a mighty glow. I am with you; so don’t look to the right or left, front or behind for things. Walk with Me as I draw all to Me and the battles spoils are yours.

SIDE KEY: Our generation is to first know God and that we are His strongest ministry on earth, but sitting on Church pews. The Prophetic Words from God is a lot about how we help Jesus increase His Church so He can return for us. Notice it not focused on about what God wants and what we can expect by accomplishing his purpose for creating us. Problem sometimes is that most modern Christians think life as Christian is hard part, Actually, the difficult part is our walk through life between getting saved and going to heaven. This area takes our effort too, meaning we work with God, not wait for Him to so everything for us while sit on the Church pew. Remember, Jesus promised us He would help us if we help Him. He’s a gentleman so He will not force us. It’s not difficult if we learn God’s original plan He designed for us. So, these Prophetic Words He gave through me to the world actually pertain to God’s original plan for us between salvation and heaven. Makes it important we understands God’s plan why. It’s also about understanding our position both mentally, physically and spiritually because His pland involves all three.

About Robert Shipman

Robert Shipman has been a church builder over fifty years of ministering. His passion is that the church fulfill her high calling. The seminars and workshops he leads are designed to strengthen individuals faith and prepare people for deeper ministry. He also has a successful background in business, training, marketing and growing church attendance. His books cover prophecies, Words from the LORD, as well as his spiritually gifted wisdom has help the local body by connecting purpose, vision and spiritual manifestations. Robert and wife Ann were called to the prophetic field in 1974 building a unique level of revelation.
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