Is Spiritual Power Important today?

Genesis 1:10-13 God called dry land Earth, and gathering of waters called Seas. God saw that it was good. God said, Let earth bring grass, herbs and yield seed, fruit trees whose seed is itself; and it was so. Earth brought forth grass, yielding herbs, seed and trees yielding fruit according to its kind. God saw it was good.
Genesis 8:20-22 Noah built altar to Lord for burnt offering. Lord said, “I will never again curse the ground for man’s sake, although imagination of man’s heart is evil from youth; nor will I destroy every living thing again. While earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night shall not cease.
Today: Farmers plant crop with last year seed. Paul told Timothy (24:2): “Be ready in season and out of season”. God’s plan requires knowing our Season. We are in “Season of opportunity now. Life operates by Seasons. Holy Spirit’s been leading since creation.
John 14:26 “Comforter, Holy Ghost, teaches us”. Life on earth is not about our plan, it’s about “God’s plan”. Often we don’t understand God’s plans because we’re focused on our plans. Same thing happened to Paul on way to Damascus getting knocked of his horse to change his plan to fit God’s plans.
John 3:16 God loved world, gave his Son, so whoever believes in him will have everlasting life. The World is lost & dying so Jesus Commissioned His family to “Go tell everyone about Him. (Imagine what He did for all of us – created Heaven & Earth – gave dominion over all of it – Redeemed us from Adam’s curse by giving His Life. What a love He has for us. Man’s future became our present, Now Operational.
Five Important Scriptural things for all to fulfill! 1st, resist going back to the world – now is our season! 2nd, leave past behind — starting our future. 3nd, create our starting point – head for you victories. 4th, accept God’s vision to fit us — step out regardless of view. 5th, keep faith in faithfulness fitting His will and promises. Acts 8:1 at that time a great persecution against church; they were all scattered preaching Gods Word, except apostles. Acts 4:29 Lord, grant to Your servants, all boldness they may speak Your word, v31 when they prayed, place shaken; and they were filled with Holy Ghost, speaking word of God with boldness. So, our season today is about true Christians stepping out, crossing over, and taking God’s promises He’s been working on since creation.
Taken from one of my 8 books. Robert D. Shipman

About Robert Shipman

Robert Shipman has been a church builder over fifty years of ministering. His passion is that the church fulfill her high calling. The seminars and workshops he leads are designed to strengthen individuals faith and prepare people for deeper ministry. He also has a successful background in business, training, marketing and growing church attendance. His books cover prophecies, Words from the LORD, as well as his spiritually gifted wisdom has help the local body by connecting purpose, vision and spiritual manifestations. Robert and wife Ann were called to the prophetic field in 1974 building a unique level of revelation.
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