My People Together Prevail

Today, we all need to be prepared for spiritual warfare, as well as physical. Jesus is about to march His Church through cities, country, and around world. The daily WORD from my 8 books of being on God’s winning team. No asking for money, just helping as many as possible sharing God’s prophetic given through me over several years. Following Prophetic Words given through me between 1973 & 2016 concerning last days throughout world. These readings are the foundation of my eight books concerning last days. The rest will be seen daily.
OCTOBER 1974 -Lord spoke to me: “I will do a mighty work in the midst of My people. I will reach My people and they shall then know My way and not error. My people walk stiff and in their own direction not listening to Me or My counsel. I am a great God that can do many great things for them, yet, they will not let me lead them. I am their God and they know not my way. I am a living God and they know not my love. They profess me with their mouth and their heart they turn from their direction and listen to My voice. I will lead into perfection if they would turn and follow is not with them, yet, I love them and long to hold them. My love is much love, yet, I have much anger. Why won’t me.
DECEMBER 26, 2004 – Prophetic Word concerning Miracles – Lord speaking: “I am a God of miracles, I am a God that knows nothing I cannot do, and I am a God that can raise cities in the desert. I am a God that can level mountains, I am a God that knows all things, I am a God that loves My people. When My people see, when My people experience My love, nothings impossible, I will raise you above the height you cannot imagine. I will lift you when you are down, I will encourage you when you fall, I will love you as you walk forward for I am a God of miracles, I am a God that knows no restraints. See Me as I am; see yourselves as I see you. See us as we are and will be, for I am your God and you are spiritual blood from your crown of glory, and blood from MY work and MY gospel you carry, and spears of discouragements, you know you walk is in victory. During vision I also saw Jesus standing with a crown on His head and blood on His forehead, nail holes in His hands and feet. Behind Jesus was a cross. He said: There are armies on hills, through valleys and across land, I will send you to help”. Then I saw a storm coming across the land turning land green and beautiful. I could see the storm destroying and rebuilding, all simultaneously. Then I saw two roads, one road following God and other road outside area of God, building itself that looked rough and devastating. Suddenly, Lord showed a women’s conference going on with some walking on each of these two roads. Lord said: that is what I have told you, some will go all the way into their ministry while others partly and some not at all”.
JULY 24, 2007 Word from Lord concerning last day started: “Where are those that need God? I am an awesome God, a God of love; I am also God of Judgment. My Word is true and I am pleased, but the sick is not brought to me. If you bring those who need me and My power come to pass. Yes, the glory you seek is waiting for you, but it also requires those you are praying house of prayer you will see things happen. You have not brought before me those you pray for. Yes, I hear prayers for sick, prayers for those walking the street. I hear prayers for family and friends, but they’re not brought before Me so My power can be seen. I Challenge you; bring those that are down, lost, and need healing and watt for. I am pleased you are praying for I hear your praying. Now, if you will bring those people into My house of prayer you will see great manifestations among yourselves and them. Seek those needing me. Look under the rocks and find those looking for Me and bring them to be glorified as I am glorified. Those that doubt Me will see you and Me, for they will not be able to say they don’t know Me for My glory will be among you as a light. You will shine into darkness and will not stand against your light I placed upon you. Go into the highways and compel them to come. Seek those who need Me and bring them to Me and I will show great wonders. My arms of healing will stretch forth. Spiritual gifts will manifest and you will be proud to say the glory of Almighty God is among His people”.
JANUARY 1, 2011 Word from Lord: “He said: I am moving move across the land like a calm relaxing breeze feeling and like a warm calm air, actually filled with Divine Power ready to manifest those looking and willing to receive Him. His Christian followers would be like animals with their nose lifted in the air to catch a familiar scent. They will look for the scent spotting His Divine Glory for Spiritual Power. They will see Him standing in Divine Brilliant Power like never experienced or seen by His Church. He will not be seen or heard like a rushing storm, but like a quite breeze not noticed. He then said this will only takes place when someone is searching for something they are expecting. Jesus’ entire being will be manifested throughout the lands, powered with authority and love in full measure being perfected through His Body on earth. It will be a time Church has their Godly focus manifesting through all who seek Him. While His understanding will be through Believers so the world will know Jesus, His work will be unnoticed by the masses, although powerfully manifested through a unique portion of Jesus’ Body, the Church. He will not be through advertisements, but through Saints seeking and receiving, and partaking of His Glorious activity cross the land”.
Coming daily will be more of the Prophetic Word and Miracles will also be shared each day you may also want to share with you family and friends (no costs).
Robert David Shipman

About Robert Shipman

Robert Shipman has been a church builder over fifty years of ministering. His passion is that the church fulfill her high calling. The seminars and workshops he leads are designed to strengthen individuals faith and prepare people for deeper ministry. He also has a successful background in business, training, marketing and growing church attendance. His books cover prophecies, Words from the LORD, as well as his spiritually gifted wisdom has help the local body by connecting purpose, vision and spiritual manifestations. Robert and wife Ann were called to the prophetic field in 1974 building a unique level of revelation.
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