Heaven Works Through Us Not Just For Us

The Lord gave me this message during the night so I will use it in starting this chapter. God said that he works through his body that we call the Church. Jesus is head of this body of believers that makes up a complete Christian body. His image is that his physical body of believers around the world makes up the total Christian Church working as many necessary parts. Obviously, each local body part may be functioning differently as our own body parts do. Yet, not one of our body parts does everything, we need all the parts and such is the body of Christ. Without cooperation of all body parts in Jesus’ plan is crippled, thus crippling body of Christ. It takes Jesus’ entire body working together to accomplish Jesus’ total plan. This means Churches must be connected to Jesus the head to accomplish His plan for us.
Jesus, as head of body may send a signal to particular body part, a foot, or an elbow; both are a part of His Christian Body. The rest of body should not question this step Jesus makes, but support it. Notice when the head sends information to a part, (persons or group) all other body parts are also involved in some way. No doubt within any one community there are several local churches (body parts) involved, because we are all connected to one Head! Many good Christians (body parts) are just sitting and waiting for someone to tell them what to do. They need to start listening to the Holy Spirit seeking Jesus, (Head), plus rest of community’s churches (body parts) and work together. When Christian’s are asking other Christians what to do, it is like a finger asking a toe what it should be doing instead of asking the Head. When body of Christ, (local churches) separate from each other, entire community is affected, because Jesus’ plan may require all His Body parts to work together. Until Christian churches start to realize they are all part of one body, connected to one head, Jesus, they will never win that community to God.
My own personal experience when I first became superintendent, I checked with my pastor on everything before I started. One day my pastor told me that he assigned me to this position and had given me the authority to run it. He said, that means Jesus will deal with me direct. If you do not know if it’s the Holy Spirit guiding you, then come to me. As pastors, if we appoint someone to a position, but tell them everything to do, they are only servants. My pastor was telling me politely to go to the Lord first and then come to him if needed. If I have a problem the two of us with the Lord will figure it out. I did just as the pastor said and God blessed me and the church with exceeding increase, plus spiritually as well. The number of souls that were won to God changed this church from being one of the smallest to one of the largest in the city. The point I am making is that my experience was not just about me, but also leadership.
Jesus, as head of the body is calling his church body to help hold up the weak. I have often described this as using a ladder to reach from earth to heaven. It is narrow so one person fits each step. All the steps are full of people going to heaven. Whatever step you are on, you will have one arm reaching downward to help the person on the step below to climb higher. At the same time you will have one arm reaching upward so the person above can help you climb higher. Thus, we both help others, while others help us. Actually, Jesus’ goal for all born again Believers is to bring those who do not know Him into knowing Him. This makes the goal of the Christian Body a form of Holy Ghost Priesthood. (Hebrews 9:6, 7, 11-13).
Word From LORD to al People MARCH 28, 2004: It seems that I look from afar. I weep for my people. As I see the time that they enter, but my people don’t see. My people are not aware. My people are looking to and fro, going here and there, unaware of what they are walking into. My people I weep for. There is such a blessing ahead, but they do not see. Warn my people, warn this world that this is not the time they will walk into what they like. Time is coming to an end and I am returning. When I return I will lift up those that have followed me, but put down those that are not. The ways and traditions of men is what they follow, trying to build their future, but woe unto those that are walking forward blindly, for they shall fail. But all glory, honor and praise to those that are looking up that see me and are waiting. That reach out trying to touch me, they shall touch, they shall be honored and they shall be lifted up. My glory shall cover this earth in a way that has never been seen. My glory shall permeate throughout all the earth; all mankind shall bend a knee to my glory. My glory shall go to and fro, be fast and speedy, and raise and tear down. It shall bring to those that see me great rewards. I look down, I see, and I allow My people to see who will look for Me. Those that have ears to hear and those who have a heart for My kingdom, reach out and you shall see My glory. For you are coming to a time you will need to know who your source is. For you will see things you haven’t seen before. You shall hear things that you have never heard. You shall experience good and evil depending on who you place as your source. Don’t fall for what you see and beware of things you follow. Follow My Word, My will, and you will walk upright and strong. Your spiritual muscles will be flexed, your chest will be out, your eyes will be looking toward heaven, and the glory of Almighty God will walk and surround you. No one will have to ask, are you of God or are you not of God? All mankind will know you are of God. I look down, I see, I weep, because so many do not hear what I have been saying throughout the earth. Listen, obey, and go forward in Christ Jesus.
From my book: “Fifty years of Spiritual Knowledge”, chapter 14. Supernatural mountain top information for Christian Leaders and Saints
Pastor Robert D. Shipman.

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Robert Shipman has been a church builder over fifty years of ministering. His passion is that the church fulfill her high calling. The seminars and workshops he leads are designed to strengthen individuals faith and prepare people for deeper ministry. He also has a successful background in business, training, marketing and growing church attendance. His books cover prophecies, Words from the LORD, as well as his spiritually gifted wisdom has help the local body by connecting purpose, vision and spiritual manifestations. Robert and wife Ann were called to the prophetic field in 1974 building a unique level of revelation.
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