January 1, 2006 Prophetic Word

Given through Pastor Robert Shipman heading for time we are entering now. “During a Communion Service I felt Lord wanted to say something to congregation. I asked Him when did He want me to say it and what did He want me to say? He immediately responded by showing me a tall mountain range. On this side of the mountains the sun was out and it was very clear, but I could see the sky on the other side and it looked very stormy. I asked Lord, “What does this mean and what am I suppose to say concerning it?” He answered, “This is what will start to happen, a great turbulence will overflow mountain tops and across the land”.
Immediately, the raging storm seemed to break loose and come roaring over the top of the mountains, down side and across the land. He was showing me, nothing stopping it. I asked, how I tell this without some kind of explanation of what is happening as I watched. As the storm raged on and on, looking like it had no end, moving down the mountain and out over all the land, I started to see soldiers in iron armor standing in the midst of the storming winds with debris fling everywhere.
There was not many of them and they were spread out over a large area. They stood strong and still, not wavering or being affected by the storm. As storm became harder to see into, I could see light shining brightly of their armor. They seemed to be about to stand against anything, nothing could knock them over. Then, suddenly there were more and more as they grew in numbers until there were many, and as they grew in numbers they grew bright. Also, their armor covered their bodies from head to foot looking like wearing bright lights.
Then they began to move forward, all in same direction as the storm. As they moved forward they continued to grow even more in numbers until they were every place. I asked the Lord, “What do I say about what I am seeing”? He answered, “These are My people, and they have stood against the enemy and are now ready.”
As I watched they began to move into ranks, looking straight ahead, as they marched forward. They looked powerful and did not take their eyes off looking straight ahead, not looking for the right to left, or at the storm all around them. Then the LORD told me what to say “Tell people what you have seen and tell them that My people will cover the land”.
Note, I have been telling this to people for several years, this is first time He has told me to send it out. Also several people have asked me how I could remember all the Open Visions and Prophetic Words Lord gave me over the years. It is because they were all recorded when given, and I still have them. There’s no way I could have remembered every word, so Lord knew I would need them later, and now I’m sharing to as many as possible and if a reader what to let others know, they would be helping God. Pastor Robert D. Shipman.
FEBRUARY 3, 2006 LORDS Word given to God’s people: For some time Lord has been placing in my spirit the burden (warning) that America and world has been moving from God’s will, if not changed requires judgment. The understanding of all this started coming together with the Lord fiving me an answer. I’m not sure if I was awake asleep. The Lord raised me up and sent me into the Nation’s community’s proclaiming God wants them to stand up, separate themselves, and declare themselves as His people and that if they did not, God would bring judgment on both them and their nation. The message was that they were this nation’s last defense, last hope, only way of stopping God’s judgment. I was talking mainly to church leaders, but also congregations of Saints. I was going from leader to leader, church to church, even Christian political leaders, warning them of the enormous responsibility they carry inn leading God’s people toward God, not world, or their own desires. That, they were turning God’s Church body into a worldly approach to gain more of the kingdom of world, than Kingdom of God, and that God was now tired of it and will correct it Himself if they don’t turn and stand up, separate from world, and declare they are God’s people only, He will take down, including them. God told me to tell them that He is about to bring judgment that will affect them also, but they have time to stand in the gap, but they must turn from their own wicked and disobedient self-will, self-promotion and selfish ways. There was no ending for me to see or show what happens or result.
APRIL 1, 2006 Lord spoke to me: “I will use you, I will set you on a mountain”. The Vision: I was standing on a mountain (more of a large hill) looking downward at a valley full of people. The sky behind me was full of large beautiful clouds and the sun shining. I felt funny, or self-conscious, like I was above them looking down on them. Then I felt to turn around and look up to the sky and the Lord smiled and let me know that was the correct way to look. Even though I had my back to the people, who didn’t seem to know anything was happening, I felt I was connecting and what I was doing was for their benefit. I understood that this entire vision was connecting as one.
I looked around to see where Ann (Wife) was and she appeared in the vision, on the mountain, standing next to me, also looking up and we we’re holding hands. Then the Lord spoke again, “Be ready to move”. (Felt more like moving according to His instructions, not move to some place). While all this was happening a large cross, shinning bright, was forming in the clouds. It was so large it filled the sky. It was very beautiful and bight surrounded by beautifully large clouds’. Without any warning the Lord spoke. It was as someone just walked up and started talking without any opening statement saying: “You hall be My voice to the Nations. I am coming. My ways are beyond your imagination. My Woods higher than your thoughts, My power beyond your comprehension. I Am the Lord and will have My way. As He spoke, I was standing in a Nation unknown. I was speaking toward the mountains, cities, and peoples and they all obeyed my voice. (Felt like I was demonstrating something). It was like something was going to happen immediately, but not urgent coming over me like God’s presence. I certainly know now how those that fell on their face must have felt. I felt the Lord watching me and knew He was close and I was ready to move.
Taken from Open Visions during 1974 and 2018 concerning days entering now through Pastor Robert Shipman

About Robert Shipman

Robert Shipman has been a church builder over fifty years of ministering. His passion is that the church fulfill her high calling. The seminars and workshops he leads are designed to strengthen individuals faith and prepare people for deeper ministry. He also has a successful background in business, training, marketing and growing church attendance. His books cover prophecies, Words from the LORD, as well as his spiritually gifted wisdom has help the local body by connecting purpose, vision and spiritual manifestations. Robert and wife Ann were called to the prophetic field in 1974 building a unique level of revelation.
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