Open Vision and Prophetic Word

Next few days I’ll send direct Words and Open Visions Lord gave through me concerning the days we now are entering, plus my getting prepared. Today blog will give reader a better understanding of the Prophetic in the coming daily blogs. As you read them look close at the description and compare to the average church community of today. It appears the Lord knew where the church was going.
DECEMBER 1973, I prayed nine and half months seeking God. I grew in Spirit and in works and knowledge. I had be looking for all the great things I had read about, heard preached, and expected to see the power of God more and more. But it seemed to be always something I read or heard about, and my life consisted of going to church on Sunday morning, Sunday night and Tuesday night Bible study, than back to Sunday again. I started praying for God to use me some way. His word said He was seeking those that would help Him. that the preaching was always build around coming to God and then helping Him get others. I said that your Word is of power and what you will do if only you can find those you can work through, but they are so few, “The harvest is white but labors few”. I also said, the Word of God depicts the spiritual life of a Christians like a battle and that there is war going on. And those soldiers are needed for the fight. Yet, I could see no battle, except trying to get someone to break down and come to Sunday school, or a few trials people had, but I see very few victories. I prayed, Lord send me to battle, I don’t want to be a push button Christian at a desk, while the war went on over someplace else. Give me a sword and put me on the front line or battle, even if I fall, I’ll do the best I an. But don’t build up the fact the war is so great and important, if you aren’t really looking for help. Lord let me wheel my sword; let me stand face to face with the enemy, through your power I can be a good worrier for you. But let me in the battle. I guess this was the most serious prayer I’ve prayed and I know God heard me.
APRIL 1974 an Open Vision from Lord showing me a picture of a human body lying on a floor. It was completely transparent and in a prone position on its back. I seemed to be standing above it and looking down from a higher position because it was to far from me to reach, so I just observed. The head was very perfect and wise and seemed to fully understand everything, the body was all crippled and its movement was very difficult and almost impossible to accomplish anything attempted. The Lord impressed me to look at the glass of water sitting on the floor beside the human body with the perfect head. The body was trying to reach out and take hold of it t o get a drink of water, the coordination was so bad that when the head said to get the glass and drink, it could not get the glass up to the mouth of the head. Regardless of what the head would tell the hands or body to pick up or what to move, the crippled muscles could not function well enough to accomplish its missions. That is when the Lord told me that this was His body, His Church, and direction it was going and would function spiritually.
DECEMBER 1974 the Lord gave me a Open Vision concerning the importance of His written Word to His people. The picture was a Bible lying open on some type of table surface. Coming from the Bible, and flowing upward and outward, like a great tornado, were images of all areas of life, little’s problem, life’s answers, life’s blessings, everything imaginable has an image, nothing seemed to be mission. If flowed and flowed like a river from its pages, more and more, everything. There was nothing in life or this world that was missing. The Lord let me know that anything and everything, problems or blessings, good or bad, everything you face in life has the answer in His Word. Plus, each Word, with the lord’s help, was volumes of volumes, endless information that He can bring out of any one Word that could fill the eternities with information and answers to mankind. I felt all learning, all knowledge, all wisdom and books by mankind could not dent what I saw coming forth from this Book, the Bible, Gods’ Written Word. The Lord wanted me to see that man did not have the answers His people are looking for and that only He had all the answers, but they will look to other humans, their books, and knowledge instead of His Word, and miss the treasures of life He offers.
SEPTEMBER 15, 2002 Open Vision Lord gave concerning His family: “I desire to raise you as a great tree. A large tree that stands tall and strong offering shade to needy, I desire to create you as a great bird that flies through air above the clouds and storms and can see those in need and can swoop down and pick them up. I desire to see every wish that you have answered, but I desire to see you pick up your cross and follow Me. I desire to see you reach forth, step forth, and look forward. I desire you to be what you want to be. You have the ability, you have the desire. I desire it and I see it for I speak to you and say that I see you doing everything that you wish to do. I see that you can do it. I tell you that you can do it. I encourage you to step out for what I see you can obtain and then you will be a mighty exceeding army. Nothings can stand against it that will be fitting into My plan and My desire. For when you desire and My desire have reached a point that we match, you will see the most mighty time in your life. For all things are yours. Seek Me, look for Me, find Me, for I am right beside you. I desire to see you grow into a might tree. Thus says the Lord. My desire is for you. Know that My love spreads around you and through you and before you. For no weapon can form against you when you’re in My presence. Move into My presence. I desire your company. I desire your comfort and I offer you My comfort. Let us walk together with our desire. Today’s blog is to set up an understanding of where I am coming from concerning how much God wants to help us want to be with Him us together as one family of God.
Pastor Robert D. Shipman.

About Robert Shipman

Robert Shipman has been a church builder over fifty years of ministering. His passion is that the church fulfill her high calling. The seminars and workshops he leads are designed to strengthen individuals faith and prepare people for deeper ministry. He also has a successful background in business, training, marketing and growing church attendance. His books cover prophecies, Words from the LORD, as well as his spiritually gifted wisdom has help the local body by connecting purpose, vision and spiritual manifestations. Robert and wife Ann were called to the prophetic field in 1974 building a unique level of revelation.
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  1. Greating from Pastor Robert Shipman. Thank you for your kind message to me. Yes, I have many Words of God that He gave me during the years 1974 to 2013 concerning the days we live in now. I am right now putting together a way of getting most of these Words from Lord to as many people as possible. That’s also why I hope those who get them will share them to others. Keep praying for me and my getting the Word out, it’s not easy. Also tell all your family hello from me and Keep watch for my daily blogging. I call you blessed in Jesus Name. Pastor Robert D. Shipman


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