Fullness of Heaven & Earth United

It is our dispensation of the fullness of times that the mystery of God’s will gathers all things in heaven and earth! The one thing that is for sure is our dispensation talks about wrapping all this up in Christ. Today, if we look closely around the world we will see that many things seem to be materially wrapping up. Also, to make sure you are reading me right, I am not suggesting it is going to start someday, because it’s already started. Both the Old and New Testament Prophets prophesied that the body of Christ would walk in a spiritual anointing of glory, in the last days of darkness. The world now needs Jesus’ Christians even if they don’t know it. It may not appear it is happening, but God’s Christian army sitting on pews is being called to be prepared by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is gathering his army of Saints ministries into action doing great exploits.
The Bible tells us plainly that Jesus has taken care of Satan, so stop focusing on him, but on working together with Jesus. Today is your day with the Holy Spirit within Christians that Jesus is calling to duty into spiritual battle. Yes, we are in the days of the Lord and his true Word is being noticed again. Also, many of Jesus’ believers are moving off their pews into the highways and byways compelling people to become believers. Like John the Baptist, Christian leaders and congregations are all telling others about Jesus outside the church buildings. This helps the world see the body of Christ in action, working together. It is also beginning to get results like Jesus promised. Jesus is also recruiting new Christians for ministry, to walk close with him where all things are possible. This also creates spiritual action and victory through those following God’ Word.
Furthermore it’s time to stop believing we have to accept problems and start walking in our faith like Jesus did. The devil is full of lies to put in our mind, so replace them with positive thinking on how wonderful life abundance with Jesus is. Stop looking at the waves, keep your focus on Jesus instead. There are just too many Christians preoccupied with what they see going on in the world. Jesus says, it’s time for healings, miracles, victory by stepping on Satan’s lies. Far too many good Christians are focused on just surviving, even many pastors are doing the same. They are like a person trying to build a life on a bridge. Bridges are to cross over not to build your life on. You either go over the bridge or stay away from the bridge, but you don’t stop on it and set up housekeeping. One thing for sure, every Christian can count on is that God’s purpose will stand and not fail when we walk with him. Jesus and his plan for us should be our greatest focus as we walk through life. (Isa 46:10). It is also true that Jesus is a gentleman and will never force us to do anything. He will coach us and give us good information to follow, but never force us. He only wants those in heaven that wants to be there because they love Him.
MARCH 28, 2004 WORD FROM LORD that seemed it look from afar. He said: “I weep for my people. As I see the time that they enter, but my people don’t see. My people are not aware. My people are looking to and fro, going here and there, unaware of what they are walking into. My people I weep for. There is such a blessing ahead, but they do not see. Warn my people, warn this world that this is not the time they will walk into what they like. Time is coming to an end and I am returning. When I return I will lift up those that have followed me, but put down those that are not. The ways and traditions of men is what they follow, trying to build their future, but woe unto those that are walking forward blindly, for they shall fail. But all glory, honor and praise to those that are looking up that see me and are waiting. That reach out trying to touch me, they shall touch, they shall be honored and they shall be lifted up. My glory shall cover this earth in a way that has never been seen. My glory shall permeate throughout all the earth; all mankind shall bend a knee to my glory. My glory shall go to and fro, be fast and speedy, and raise and tear down. It shall bring to those that see me great rewards. I look down, I see, and I allow My people to see who will look for Me. Those that have ears to hear and those who have a heart for My kingdom, reach out and you shall see My glory. For you are coming to a time you will need to know who your source is. For you will see things you haven’t seen before. You shall hear things that you have never heard. You shall experience good and evil depending on who you place as your source. Don’t fall for what you see and beware of things you follow. Follow My Word, My will, and you will walk upright and strong. Your spiritual muscles will be flexed, your chest will be out, your eyes will be looking toward heaven, and the glory of Almighty God will walk and surround you. No one will have to ask, are you of God or are you not of God? All mankind will know you are of God. I look down, I see, I weep, because so many do not hear what I have been saying throughout the earth. Listen, obey, and go forward in Christ Jesus”. (Given through Pastor Robert D. Shipman).

About Robert Shipman

Robert Shipman has been a church builder over fifty years of ministering. His passion is that the church fulfill her high calling. The seminars and workshops he leads are designed to strengthen individuals faith and prepare people for deeper ministry. He also has a successful background in business, training, marketing and growing church attendance. His books cover prophecies, Words from the LORD, as well as his spiritually gifted wisdom has help the local body by connecting purpose, vision and spiritual manifestations. Robert and wife Ann were called to the prophetic field in 1974 building a unique level of revelation.
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