Prophetic Word and Visison concerning Our Time

MARCH 12, 2005 — Lords Word for his Women Saints —- I have heard your words of prayer and worship and my eyes see your victories from prayer. When you see spiritual blood from your crown of glory, and blood in your hands from MY work, and blood on your feet from MY gospel you carry, and spears of discouragements, you know you walk is in MY victory. (During vision I also saw Jesus standing with a crown on His head and blood on His forehead, play nail holes in His hands and feet. Behind Jesus was a cross.) He said: There are armies on hills, through valleys and across land I will send you to help. Then I saw a storm coming across the land causing but it was turning land green and beautiful. I could also see the storm destroying and rebuilding, all simultaneously. Then I saw two roads, one road following God and the other road outside the area of God, building itself that looks rough and devastating. Suddenly, Lord showed a women’s conference going on with some walking on each of these two roads. Lord than said: that is what I have told you, some will go all the way into their ministry while others partly and some not at all. X DECEMBER 6 2006 – Vision Concerning a Twig Like Tree —- While praying, Lord showed me something concerning the years ahead of us. Suddenly, an Open Vision of land stretching as far as I could see was before me and drying bushes and trees turning brown. I saw two large forearm and hands stirring up dirt and planted a little twig like tree in the parched ground. The tree was so small it looked impossible to grow. Again, the hands this time had a pitcher of water and pouring around the little tree. Didn’t look like enough water to last more than a minute? The hands continued to pour waster as the little tree begin to look greener. Then I heard a voice say, “The Lover of the Tree will furnish the water”. The land round the tree as far as I could see was desolate, yet the tree grew greener, larger and stronger. The water continued more and more as the hands nourished, and supplied all the needs of the tree. All the time the voice saying, “The Lover of the Tree will care for it regardless of what happens to the land”. I knew the tree represented Christ’ Church as our faith walk and land round it God’s world. The two hands God’s personal attention and water the Holy Spirit’s Ministry. From an individual believer to the universal body of Christ, the Lord showed me visually our increase while also seeing our enemy’s dry up around us worthless. It all happens because of the Hand of God, not man’s hands or abilities, but together as one body of Christ. X NOVEMBER 18, 2007 beginning new church Path —- Just got up sitting in my big chair asking Lord what was ahead after this year. Immediately He gave me a Open Vision starting with a large field opening before my eyes as I seemed to be looking down from a mountain that seemed miles wide and extending a long distance forward. It started with a narrow path widening both left and right until out of sight on both sides of a dry field. Then, Lord showed His Church people spread throughout the field. The people were all walking around yet did not seem to notice anyone else. They all seemed tired and walked very slow as though going nowhere. Lord let me know they represented His Church and filed represented next years. They seemed to be trying to get someplace but without direction. Next, Lord showed me a point in field very far off from me. It was the beginning point of a new path within the old field. Lord also let me know everyone on old path was coming up to a starting point of new path and required a decision to enter. What I was seeing was actually seeing was the old path growing wider and far off in front of me. The new path within old field path was the Lord showing me everyone on old path was coming up to a new starting point within the old path. This would require their making their own decision to enter His new path or stay on the outer old path. The interesting part took a choice to get on the new path advancing victoriously accomplishments with God, while old path on their own. I watched those who entered new path start to build up cloud dust moving down the path very fast causing a dust storm. I tried to see the cause faintly seeing what looked like a powerful army of tanks, vehicles, and air planes moving on the new path. Then, Lord let me know this was His people who chose new path and became a mighty army advancing swiftly and powerfully anointed causing a Holy Ghost Dust Storm that could be seen for miles. God’s fighting army came to a place they had to make a decision between walking where they were and marching with God. X AUGUST 8, 2008 getting “UP” for Battle – Vision started with large army (enemy) facing a CHURCH with chariots, horses, bows, swords. The CHURCH was praying against this attack and suddenly the wheels fell off the chariots and the horses starting falling over dead. Bowmen’s string broke and arrows fell to the ground. The sharp edges of the swords broke off and the enemy fled. Then, the Lord said for the people in the CHURCH to go out and pick up the weapons, but only a very few people went to pick up weapons and the rest continued to stay inside the Church where they were. Those who went outside and picked up weapons saw their weapons turn into Spiritual weapons (gifts of the Spirit) so that they could attack the worlds’ strongholds, yet, there were only a very few that responded to God’s instructions to get up and go pick up your weapons. I ask the Lord what will happen now to those who would not go out. His answer was, “If they will not go out and pick up their weapons and claim their victory by defeating their enemy that is not on the run, then this same enemy will return fully armed again.” Giver through Pastor Robert D. Shipman

About Robert Shipman

Robert Shipman has been a church builder over fifty years of ministering. His passion is that the church fulfill her high calling. The seminars and workshops he leads are designed to strengthen individuals faith and prepare people for deeper ministry. He also has a successful background in business, training, marketing and growing church attendance. His books cover prophecies, Words from the LORD, as well as his spiritually gifted wisdom has help the local body by connecting purpose, vision and spiritual manifestations. Robert and wife Ann were called to the prophetic field in 1974 building a unique level of revelation.
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