My Starting Point 1973 and 2015

APRIL 1974 Lord showed me an open vision in full color of a completely transparent human body lying on the floor. I seemed to be looking down from a higher position because it was to far from me as I observed what was happening. The Head of the body was totally perfect seemingly very wise and understand everything. The rest of the body was crippled and its movements were very difficult, almost impossible to accomplish anything it attempted. The Lord told me to look at the glass of water beside the body. The body was trying to reach out and take hold of the glass of water; the coordination was so bad that when the head said to get the glass and drink, it could not get the glass to the mouth. Furthermore, regardless of what the head told the body to pick up or move, the crippled muscles could not function enough to accomplish its mission. Then the Lord spoke to me saying this was His Church and the direction it was going functioning spiritually. (Lord is pointing out that His church is off course losing spiritual Organization, still connected, yet not functional enough to accomplish goals].
MAY 24, 1974- Lord showed me a picture vision of His people, the Church. He used a man that was on a very important mission to deliver an important message. He was traveling through the enemies land as though he was behind enemy lines during wartime. The land was full of large beautiful valleys, with green trees and grass and wonderful wild like you could watch. Although, he was in a hurry to get the important message to someone, he decided to rest under a group of shade trees on the carpet of green grass. Then he fished in the lake and even took time to do some hunting and just enjoyed the land he was passing through. His entire attention was on how much he could enjoy this land while passing through, even at the expense of those waiting for the important message he carried. It was so nice and restful and beautiful that he decided to take a nap and rest. As he slept and enjoyed the enemies land the enemy was surrounding him. Lord let me know this was how His church was headed on its mission.
JULY 1974 – Lord was explaining to me about how He would move in the Church. He said when He started to move, He would start manifesting His Spirit through different people, starting with some and adding others as He went. He said where He started to move the Spirit of envy would start moving too. And that people would be cheated out of their gifts because they wanted what others had. Like an old saying of grass is greener on other side of fence. God knows what’s best for each person, but people are to self-centered. It’s hard for God to use them. He said to me He has a work for many and if they will have patience He will work through them, and glory in the fact God is moving.
SEPTEMBER 8, 1974 – While thinking about what’s going on in the world, suddenly, the Lord was sitting in front of me with His hands lifted saying: “I have a special message for My people that are like lost sheep spread out and separated going wrong directions. Many need help for they will be lost the way they headed. I am sending you forth unto My people who need help for time is short. (Lord looking for Christians to help those lost on wrong path].
OCTOBER 1974 – Mighty Works Among God’s People — Lord spoke, “I will do a mighty work in the midst of My people. I will reach My people and they shall then know My way and not error. My people walk stiff and in their own direction not listening to Me or My counsel. I am a great God that can do many great things for them, yet, they will not let me lead them. I am their God and they know not my way. I am a living God and they know not my love. They profess me with their mouth and their heart is not with them, yet, I love them and long to hold them. My love is much love, yet, I have much anger. Why won’t they turn from their direction and listen to My voice. I will lead into perfection if they would turn and follow me. [God’s people are walking in own direction, but God is starting a mighty work for those following His plan during last days],
DECEMBER 1974 – Open Vision started with a Bible lying open on a table in the middle of a large room. Rising out of this Bible strongly flowing upward and outward, like a tornado was images of every area of life, every problem, every answer, every blessing a human could imagine. Nothing at all seemed missing as it flowed like a river from the pages. Then the Lord said, “Everything, problem or blessing, good or bad, you face in life, the answers are in My Word. Every Word will become volumes of endless information that fill the answers to all mankind. Man does not have the answers needed, yet, they look to other humans for knowledge where My treasures of life are not available. Man will follow man and man wants to lead, but without me, it will only go a short distance as the wall to the left instead of the wall to the right I am leading. [Mankind is depending on mans answers but can’t without God’s help. (To date mankind continues to seek answers that are not functional in God’s plan). Side Note: I leave out the direct things Lord tells me direct and leave His overall message. This also helps me get more overall information on His Word to all.
Robert D. Shipman

About Robert Shipman

Robert Shipman has been a church builder over fifty years of ministering. His passion is that the church fulfill her high calling. The seminars and workshops he leads are designed to strengthen individuals faith and prepare people for deeper ministry. He also has a successful background in business, training, marketing and growing church attendance. His books cover prophecies, Words from the LORD, as well as his spiritually gifted wisdom has help the local body by connecting purpose, vision and spiritual manifestations. Robert and wife Ann were called to the prophetic field in 1974 building a unique level of revelation.
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