The magnitude of Robert Shipman’s eight books will give you courage to
enter your battles and win!  Yes, life can be tough, but God has given
you gifts and others who can help you not only survive, but experience
winning your battles.  These books give you over 40 visions and Words
God has given starting in 1974 when God called Robert Shipman into a
prophetic ministry through an open vision for God,  through today.
The Prophetic Words will guide you into your created purpose God
designed for you  wants you to be a part of.  Yes, these books are
about what God has to say to His church, especially in these last of the
last days. No, they are not written for comfort or feel good reasons, but
for those interested in God’s purpose for them personally, plus
leadership desires.

Pastor Robert Shipman has over 56 years as a Financial and Business
Consulting and Strategist with several Fortune 500 Corporations and
Venture Capital groups helping business, with several years a successful
entrepreneur. In is business world he authored four books on marketing,
promotion, leadership and direct theories.  The years of business,
ministry, conferences, and seminar speaking total 103 years of
leadership experience.  In other words the books fit into every
non-Christian and Christian’s lifestyle.  God loves you and want you to
love Him as part of His loving family.